Thursday, August 7, 2008

EP June18 - Back in Nepal!

Two years after climbing Mt. Everest, i've decided to retrace the trails of Solo Khumbu (aka Everest region). But this time, to search for wildlife! ;)

Well, I also need to do some stretching... and some heavy-pack training for my up-coming Denali Expedition in Alaska.

In my 10 days of trekking around the region, I was lucky to video several animals in the wild (most of the time while carrying my big, damn pack!). I have a long encounter with Himalayan Tahrs (aka. mountain goats) - a small herd numbering 8-10 individuals. And guess how I was able to video them - they're busy digging for potatoes in the field, somewhere in the outskirts of Pangboche. Thieves!

I also encountered a rare Musk Deer (female, 1 individual only), on the trails from Phortse to Pangboche, then a rather adventurous encounter with a Peacock-Pheasant called 'Danfe' (national bird of Nepal). I tried to follow the bird, but the thorny and shrubby terrain made it difficult for me. The site is very close to Namche (coming in from Phakding). I managed to see 4 more individuals (and capture a hen-and-chick in my video) a few days after, this time on the way to Thamo (from Namche).

And of course I saw Yaks, Eagles, cute little river birds (-they actually dive underwater to fish), lots of Rhododendrons, etc.

"Super nice mountain view and amazing wildlife around!" - saan ka pa! ;)

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