Thursday, August 7, 2008

EP July9- Alaskan Adventure

I was hoping to spend several days chasing Grizzly Bears & Moose, or spend time fishing Salmon (as if I eat salmon!), or cruise the bay to watch for big Whales, but the Denali climb was long, and my body - weary, from the tough climb.

Well, I may have climbed the summit, but the memory of that close-to-hell encounter, of a falling team member, of winds reaching 30mph, of an iced face and mitten-less left hand, in temp of -15 to -20C w/ windchill - on a freakin' summit knife ridge above 20,000ft - made me like my zoo visit more than my trip to the peak. :)

I have no more time to spare, so I literally run around the Alaska zoo to take a good glimpse of Polar bears, black and brown (grizzly) bears, moose, caribou (you say 'reindeer' if it's farmed and not wild), wolves (that just look like big dogs), dahl sheep, lynx (pusang malaki, pusang wild, na hindi pusa hehe), and a lot more.

Alaska is the biggest state of USA, but the population is just around 800,000 people. So don't be suprised if nature is teeming with wildlife. The biggest salmon, the biggest whales, the biggest bear! You name it! This is a very good example of how nature is preserved, when humans are outnumbered by wildlife (sort of). Less people in the area = more preserved habitat = more wildlife. (So let's push for the Reproductive Health Bill (-Family Planning?) if we want to save our few-remaining treasures in the Philippines - HAHAHA!)

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