Thursday, August 7, 2008

EP July23/30 - Palawan Chronicles

Finally, I was able to have a close (really close) encounter with our very own Tandikan - a.k.a. Palawan Peacock Pheasant. Obviously (from the name), it's endemic to Palawan, and it's a ground dwelling bird like our Labuyo (wild manok), or Pugo (Quail).
The male has a metalic blue plumage, but smaller than a labuyo. I was expecting it to be as big as the Danfe (Nepali Peacok pheasant), but I just realized then that Philippine islands are home to small creatures - mammals, birds and reptiles. I shouldn't expected it to be bigger that its counterpart abroad.
As usual, the enemy of this rare bird is human. We cause deforestation and habitat destruction. We also buy wildlife! The wildlife trade in the Philippines never stops.
Sino namimili sa Cartimar ng ibon? If we don't buy, the trading stops. Simple!

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