Sunday, September 21, 2008

WILD NEWS - Slaughtering of our Sharks!

Depressing and disturbing photos recently taken (wk of Sept15.08) in Donsol Sorsogon area.
Sharks - mostly dogsharks (their livers, one picture here showing that, used for Squalene products according to our source), and tresher sharks, and even threatened species like Manta Rays.
Contrary to myths:
- Sharks are generally not a threat to humans - it's the other way around. In fact, they protect our fish supply from mid-level predators, "clean up" our oceans of dead animals, among other things.
- Shark fin soup consumption is not a status symbol of any kind (mayaman? susyal?), nor it gives you healthful benefits. It could, however be a 'status symbol' for IGNORANCE and stupidity.
Threat to sharks, and other marine life, is a long-term threat to human survival. Without a complete, functional, working eco-system, the entire biosphere could collapse. We're talking about an unsustainable harvesting of sharks here - by the hundreds and thousands!!
Is this a case of 'fishermen in need'? We all know that this is not the case. They just want extra, quick buck.
Is this a case of LGU neglect? We don't know - but Donsol area is known for 'protection and conservation of whalesharks' - so why the irony?
Is this case of general lack of awareness? For sure, let's all fight to conserve what's not ours to abuse.
What can we do? Boycott any shark products. Educate people. Tell your friends about this. Volunteer in NGO ex. WWF work in Donsol, or as Ocean Defender for Greenpeace (google the sites).
Start writing emails about this.... now!