Wednesday, September 17, 2008

EP Sep3 - The Cleanest River!

I'm glad that we still have a few spectacular spots in the Philippines that are not yet destroyed by commercialization or simple abuse. BUGANG river in Panay island is REALLY super clean. I've seen several aquatic plants growing abundantly in the river, serving as its natural filtering (purifying) system, some fish, and even (accidentally) drank water from it.

I guess the better part of it is that, the water source is an underground river - safe and away from the polluting activities common to any human community. The only visible, open stretch is 6 kilometers of clean water flowing downstream to the open sea.

Let's see:

> Potable water above normal drinking standard. CHECK!

> Nipa and mangroves growing in the banks and brackish water section of the river - serving as 2-way protection of the sea (from human trash and corrosion) and the inland (from sea tides). CHECK!

> Healthy system with fish and aquatic plants. CHECK!

> Controlled commercialization (they only opened 1 portion for public use, but very small and manageable). CHECK!

> Pollutants and garbage under control by local management (local volunteers even have regular clean-ups). CHECK!

Well, no wonder - it is the cleanest river in the Philippines!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring this in your show.I've watched this episode in the Internet.It makes me proud to be an "Antiqueño".I'm looking forward to visit this River when I return home (I'm an OFW).

More power.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder who declared it the cleanest river in the's been claimed by that place now.probably the cleanest among the rivers he's been to. I cannot comprehend why can an open river become potable for drinking. it's contradicts basic science concepts and common sense. pH, Dissolved oxygen, turbidity are just some of the tests. been on on this place too.