Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ep7 Jan9: Hidden Treasures

Born to be Wild is not just about animals, it also features natural wonders. Natural wonders - that inevitably connects to our eco systems either as a direct habitat, or just an integral part of the life system.

This time, I revisited the trails and crater of Mt. Pinatubo – famous for its gigantic eruption in the early 90’s, as well as its devastating Lahar flow in the years that followed its eruption. When I visited Pinatubo in the mid-90’s, it was a desert exploration! Blinding dust, hot winds, burning sunlight… and the place was a completely dead, barren place!

Today, it’s perfectly ALIVE! It simply showed how nature can reclaim a no-man's land, or how it can heal its own wound. Trees, variety of plant life, hundreds of birds, some small mammals – and indigenous Aeta people now thrive in this once forsaken desert place. And the crater – it is still the enchanting beauty of a mystical (crater) lake, with its color magically changing from blue green, to green or blue. Here, sitting in the beach side of the crater lake, and listening to the whistling of wind, or chirping of passing birds – you’ll easily find peace and serenity (and forget about your credit card debts, work issues and the fact that you still need to walk a few kilometers to get back to your jeep. Hehe.)

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