Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ep6 Jan2: Veterinary & Animal Care 101

This episode is not about a specific wildlife or animal, but rather a new experience to try animal care in a different manner – HANDS-ON VETERINARY-kuno.

Well, I can’t say it’s really veterinary, but up-close animal handling ala-beterinaryo is in the menu for this week’s episode. The ‘challenges’ (as Doc Ferdz put it) are manageable like cleaning a hoof of a mini-horse, disinfecting wound of a Camel, and may crux – testicle removal of a small pig! (aka Kapon) HAHA. The latter was THE challenge as I’m not use to cutting skin and flesh, pulling testicles, and actually applying knot tying skills to ‘close’ the tubular vessel that connects to the pig’s testicles. Poor animal!

Now I know why I took an IT career – I don’t really like medical procedures, on animals, on humans – and specially, on me!!

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