Sunday, December 7, 2008

EP Dec10 - Surfing

Surfing?! It didn't sound like an appropriate topic for Born but we went anyway and hoped for a nice story to come. :)

To be honest, i don't like waves, especially big waves. I tried boarding (aka 'surfing') since 2000 in Daet Bicol and realized that it's not a sport for me. I just couldn't get my balance.

But this weekend was a different one. ;) Armed with a renewed motivation (i.e.,finishing the last few shoots for Born hehehe), a good guide, and a nice, stable long board - I went for the surf!
Surprisingly, w/ a little push from the guide, and a perfect timing on when to paddle - it was relatively 'easy' to stand up and ride the wave. I failed the 1st time, fell from standing to sitting, then stood up the 2nd time for a few seconds before crashing water. But 3rd and so on was just simply great. No, i was not 'stoked', but i relived that feeling of riding the bicycle for the first time - "discovering the balance".

Now, trying to connect that w/ nature or conservation or any 'Born stuff' for that matter :) , Surf spots like La Union may not have great reefs for scuba diving tourism, but the lure of the waves for adrenalin sportsmen definitely helps in the economic boom of the locality. 'Green Zinc' foundation even partnered with the local surf club to ensure that the beach are tidy and presentable so as to maintain 'tour-friendly' atmosphere of the place.

Imagine - a fearsome force of nature, and eco-tourism - go hand in hand. :)

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