Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ep20 - Birds of the Philippines

Birds in the phillipines is over 760 species including some of the rarest kind. One of the famous place is Candaba Swamp (Pampanga), a stop-over for migrating birds such as egrets, spoonbill and bittern. A count survey done last 2007 revealed that there are around 17,000 individuals (more than 80 species) both visitors and resident birds. Unbelievable di ba! Some of the 'sites' are just around our Metro background like the coastal area in Paranaque, or an abandoned subdivision in Cavite.
Bird-watching (or 'Birding') is a fast-growing eco-tour activity nowadays. I personally suggest lazy individuals (hehe) to stretch there muscles a bit, get an outdoor life, gain new friends, and try this booming activity. Nope, it's not like you're gonna hike for 6 hours just to get a glimpse of these treasured birds (unless you are doing research in the middle of a trail-less, who-knows-where-this-shit-is jungle). Imagine it's cheap, the sites are very accessible; Paranaque coastal area, Candaba swamp in Pampanga, Olango in Cebu, Puerto Rivas in Balanga, well you name it - birds are just everywhere!
And you can brag about your encounters during beer sessions or during your romantic dates :) that's extra pogi points for you.
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